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and who we serve

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

Their stories have been told over and over again. The affects of their environment is a tragedy, yet they still go unseen, unheard and ignored in our society. Why is that? The truth is, for some, their stories are are too loud and it makes people uncomfortable. Because there's no solution, often their existence is buried


What stories are we talking about?


It's the stories of the young women too afraid to ask for help out of fear of how others will view them. The ones that have had to make inconceivable decisions just to survive.  They're the ones aging out of the foster care system, the ones at risk of being trafficked, the one's stuck in abusive relationships, the ones without resources or options for a better future.


They're everywhere! 



How to get unstuck

Image by Omar Lopez

There are multiple reasons why Passion's Story is best positioned to address this need. Our top three priorities will help you see why. First, we make success attainable. We do this by using a strategy we know works. We have an innovative development approach and a positive training philosophy that allows us to individualize and customize their journey. 

Second, we break the cycle of poverty. We do this through community engagement and by implementing our revolutionary educational processes, coupled with the integration of a child learning center that will dual as a child care facility so single moms don't have to choose between work or taking care of their children. 

Lastly, we build confidence. We achieve this through developing positive relationships, 1on1 goal setting, we teach them how to leverage their talents and help them create a state of mental balance.


Image by Meg Wagener

~A message from our Founder, Priscilla Smith~


I do what I do because the young women I am impacting, their stories of hurt, distress, and anguish used to be me. I was the little girl that should have been a statistic; Trafficked, used and disposed of.


My story is a story I've worked really hard to hide for the past thirty years.  But I can't hide anymore because the nail industry quite literally saved my life. As I slowly shared parts of my story with my clients, it gave me a release I didn't realize I needed.


believe the impact clients have on the person serving them is being ignored in the beauty industry. The way we can change this is by seeking out those that are underserved, paying their way through beauty school and walking with them step by step as they build their careers. Empowering them to find confidence and self worth. 

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