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The Full Story


Passion's Story was born from a program our founder Priscilla Smith implemented in her local nail salon. Since 2016 this twelve month process helped dozens of young women use the beauty industry to build better futures. As she continued her journey of  empowerment, she then set her eyes on opening a nail technology school. During her research she learned that to enter cosmetology school the age requirement is only 16.  


Later she discovered that 50% of the homeless population in New Mexico are underserved teenagers living perilous lifestyles and among those are young women that aged out of the foster care system. Priscilla believed that she could somehow align the two. 

The burden of possessing the life changing structure she created, rested on her as she grasped on to a deep found sense of duty to solve this problem. That was until she figured out how to leverage her program for a great cause. However, that decision didn't come easy. For two years she embarked on a course to restructure her entire company. Making  room for others to experience a new culture in the beauty industry. 

Passion's Story is not just a nonprofit, its a movement. A movement to mobilize the beauty industry and revolutionize the way we impact a generation. We are the first of its kind, in the world, a nonprofit salon building a social infrastructure to help young women through training, mentoring, entrepreneurship coaching, financial literacy, and personal development. All while building a clientele and generating a sustainable income. We empower them to strive even further and break the cycle of poverty.


Will you join the Mission?


We help young women fight for a better future by building their own business in the Beauty Industry.


To empower 10,000 young women to escape perilous lifestyles.

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